What is the procedure undertaken during Artificial Insemination?

It is placement of sperms into a female ovarian follicles, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes using man made way rather than use of natural copulation. It is a medical alternative to sexual intercourse in a bid for fertilization. It is commonly for breeding dairy cattle and pigs. The artificial insemination process employs reproductive technology, donated sperms or animal husbandry techniques.

Couples which have problems with conceiving can embrace this method as it is very safe. It gives rise to a pregnancy similar to the one acquired via natural methods. However, there is a possibility that the reproductive system of a woman may reject the induced sperm. If this happens, it is good to explore other options. Women who would want to be single mother may also explore this option as it may be beneficial to them.

A woman wanting to undergo this procedure should prepare well. The first step is to find a man who will carry out the sperm donation. Sperm donations may not work out especially in cases where the man produces few motile sperms. Genetic disorders may also make it hard for a man to donate sperms. Technology has made it possible for couples in log distance relationships to have children, . This includes those who are in the armed forces.

Sperms are usually obtained through masturbation or electrical stimulator. There has emerged special condom used for collection of sperm known as special condom. This is used for collecting semen during intercourse and transfers it to another woman cervix. You can obtain sperm donation at sperm bank. Donor masturbates to ejaculate in a container to be put in a woman cervix. Content in container is extended with chemical in order to sustain sperm live.

Anybody wishing to be a sperm donor should avoid ejaculating two to three days prior to the donation day. This assists in increasing the sperm count. The medical experts are keen to observe the menstrual pattern of the lady. This way, they are able to come up with an appropriate date. This is done by observing the vaginal mucus and basal body temperatures.

Sperm collected from male partner is washed thoroughly to eliminate mucus and non-motile sperm from the semen since can inhibit faster fertilization. Sperm stored in bank is preserved for six months after when donor undergoes testing before and after sample collection to determine whether he has transmissible diseases.

If private person donate sperm directly or indirectly they are supplied fresh and is not frozen or quarantined. It may be introduced to a woman directly or to her partner. It can also be transported in special containers that preserve life. It is produced through masturbation or use special condom for collection.

After the ovary has been released, the sperm is introduced into the body of the lady. Depending on the circumstance, it can be frozen or fresh. The semen may be introduced into the fallopian tubes by the use of needless syringes to avoid uterus damage. This way, the artificial insemination is safe and successful.

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