Nine Herbs To Miraculously Reverse Infertility



It is a dream of almost every married couple to conceive a baby through a smooth way and without any hurdles. However, given the complex human body systems there are often situation when couples find it hard to conceive a baby. It is tough time for both partners when despite their efforts they are not able to conceive their off spring. It can result in depression, stress and lack of confidence.

There are many treatments available in the market today that claim to be the solution for infertility; however, most of them are nothing more than a source to generate income by taking advantage of the emotional vulnerabilities of infertile people. Most of these treatments never work and are only a mirage for the couples. However, there is no need to be disappointed; nature has solutions for most of our problems.

There are natural herbs available which are highly effective for people who are infertile and have bad luck in conceiving a baby so far. We would like to discuss nine natural herbs for infertility that are known to be the best natural cure for the infertile couples.


Red Raspberry leaf is very effective for women as it increases the uterus strength. It is a rich source of Iron, Calcium and Magnesium and helps in building a strong body that can easily bear the stress of pregnancy and delivery.


“Nettles” is known for its positive effects on the adrenal and reproductive system due to the presence of iron and calcium. Nettles are also a great source of folic acid which has miraculous effects in avoiding birth defects and speeding up the cell division and implantation, hence is very effective in boosting the reproduction power.


Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera is a herb with the ability to calm down nerves and helps in balancing your adrenal system. This herb is very powerful for all those couples who has infertility problem due to severe stress and depression.


Damiana is a Mexican herb used in the local areas for ages, to improve the reproductive health. This herb acts like a philter which arouse your natural desires. Damiana can be used as a tea if mixed with slight lemon, tastes great while boosting your sexual powers, and regularizing your menstrual cycle.


Ginseng Root also known as Panax quinquefolius is one of the most powerful herbs for infertility that improves your sexual health and increase your sexual desire. American Ginseng is a great solution to men’s sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. This herb also create hormonal imbalance, strengthen the immune system and lower your stress.


Biologically known as Lepidium meyenii, the Maca root is helpful in curing the men’s sexual weaknesses. It helps in generation of healthy sperms. Not only it increase the sperm count but also increases the mobility of the sperm hence boost fertility.



Red clover can rightly be called as the super-fertility herb. It is one of the rare solutions to fertility which is a bit slow in affecting but has miraculous results. Red clover improves the reproductive health from almost every aspect. It is rich in vitamins and balances the hormonal system. Women with irregular menstrual cycles can benefit from Red Clover as it has the ability to balance your menstrual cycle and put you back on healthy track.


It is one of the oldest herbs for infertility cure in men. For centuries the False Unicorn has been used by people to cure impotence. It also regularizes the women’s menstrual cycle and hence leads to a healthy reproductive life.


Alfalfa plant has been used as one of the leading herbs for infertility cure. It strengthens the sexual organs of both males and females. Alfalfa contains numerous vitamins essential for healthy reproductive system.

These nine herbs have the ability to revolutionize your life. If you have tried a lot of allopathic medicine to cure your fertility but you haven’t found any luck so far, you need to try these natural herbs. Natural herbs are safe to use as they have no side effects unlike the synthesized medicines which always have certain side effects. So, try out these herbs for infertility cure and you will soon be able to conceive a baby.