My Infertility Story

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25 thoughts on “My Infertility Story

  1. Omg I could not have said it any better infertility has shaken my faith…

  2. My story is the same, i know the heartache that you have been going through. I have had ten miscarriages, but I believe God has a hand in this and through every tear that we shed he is crying too. One day you and will have our arms filled and I don’t know you but I will pray hard for you every day for you. God Bless and never give up!

  3. I can totally relate…I got married in 2003 and when my husband and I decided to have children in 2008 nothing happened…so I was diagnosed with PCOS and my husband’s sperm doesn’t swim well some do but some don’t….I took progesterone and clomid. Progesterone works fine, but clomid didn’t. I am just so fed up with infertility treatments that we are just willing to adopt. There is a reason why God does not want to give us any children….Ughhhh I am very frustrated though!!!

  4. I am so sorry for your pain. It was so sad watching your face lying i that hospital bed. I know the pain and heartache my daughter and son-in-law are going through, after much trauma, ivf and hyperstimulation she conceived. And like you, miscarried at around the same time. She wouldn’t speak to me for a few weeks. That’s how awful it was.
    Thank you for sharing your sad story. I hope you truly find happiness in your life.

  5. Infertility is not the end, but a new beginning of life. you can find many friends on InfertilePersonals

  6. Hello, I totally understand your pain.. I am sorry that you had to go thru all this, and I pray that God blesses you with a miracle-I’ve been waiting 5yrs for mine, but like you-am not giving up! <3

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  8. Thank you for uploading and posting this video on Youtube, there is some great information here.

  9. omg i cant stop crying…… I believe im infertile as well. im 25 years old, my boyfriend has two children from a previous relationship. we have been trying for over two years now. im so scared and dont know what to do. plus i have no health insurance and no money. I hope eveything works out for you, and I will pray for you. Hoping you will be blessed with a healthy baby real soon. God Bless you ♥♥ ♥♥

  10. OMG I watched this and couldn’t stop crying. I was going through the same thing. I was married for over 2 years and the whole time was struggling with infertility. In the end my husband left and we are now separated. It can be very stressful and hard on your faith but don’t give up on GOD because he hasn’t given up on YOU. At least your husband is still by your side. I will keep you in my prayers to be blessed with a heathly child and to keep your marriage strong. God Bless.

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  12. thank u for sharing… made me cry. i am dealing with the same issue and it seems like nobody understands or even cares. my prayers are with you… for all of you ladies!

  13. I am very sorry! I know how you feel! my husband & I are going through something similar! and I crye everyday, specially when I see ppl who dont want babies and god bless them with one! sometimes I wonder why does ppl who really want kids have 2 go through life with empty arms! but like u I wont give up!

  14. wow. I just watched this. I just want to give you a big hug across the computer screen and tell you that GOD LOVES YOU. YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE IN HIS IMAGE. Pray continually, and REJOICE always….these tribulations will create perseverance in our lives. Hang in there.
    (with the rest of us! :) )
    side note: I’m so glad you’re on Youtube. I feel out of all the TTC women out there, I relate the most to you. thanks for being so real with us. :)
    God bless,

  15. Life can be so un-fair..there babies trown away in the garbage and dumped..but people who are really going fore it dont get the chance..its like a slap in the face fore a women to find out she cant have babies,i know i have the same problem..Then its really hard to keep youre faith, relations are going to end mine left cause he didnt want the drama no more so here i am no baby and no men but still i believe in god..we dont know how the future is going to happen, there is always hope…

  16. i find your faith just so amazing …through every trial & tribulation! youve stood still in his presence & kept faith! god is good..i pray he gives you strength & healing through it all..& i know! that your testimony will be amazing!

  17. It must be nice to have such faith. I am 23 years old and have had 3 miscarriages. The longest pregnancy held 8 weeks. This october 2 years ago i miscarried after being pregnant 8 weeks and this past August i misscarried again but i didnt know i was pregnant so i wasn’t upset but i lost what faith i had of having children when i miscarried 2 years ago and nothing has been the same since. My marriage even now suffers and i am lost. I haven’t been diagnosed infertile persay i have PCOS.

  18. I never cry when I see videos and a feel strange when ppl do…But i swear to God that a cried when I saw urs, especially when U said ur faith and marriage were hit right in the spot and i started crying…Im tired of waiting..tired of seeing my friends having their babies so easily one after another..God we come to u..please dont let us go back sad

  19. Lord i pray for this lady restore her faith restore her life Lord i ask you to heal her womb somehow lord your the creator of all life and i ask you for a divine miracle . Lord help the marriage let the relax into your faith and your love and mercy’s in Jesus name we pray amen .r

  20. My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child for 11 years. It is the hardest thing that a woman could ever go through. A part of you will always be incomplete until you have a child. But I know that God is still on His throne & in His time He will give me a child. He made me a promise and He is bound by His Word. Please pray for me & I also pray for all who go through this. Keep your heads held high & NEVER LOSE HOPE.

  21. I have been trying for about 5 years. A friend of mine told me about something natural, like a natural pregnancy booster. I have twins today no drugs involved!

  22. My husband and i have been trying for a baby now for 4 years….Its what we think about 24/7 there is not much else that we think about anymore!! We have found an amazing Dr that hopefully has the answer to our problems now.

  23. That is so sad but inspiring at the same time.
    All I can say is this program has helped thousands of women in 52 countries in the world… naturally and safely.
    Whilst I hope it can help you… if your pain could help one more person from viewing your video… all will be worth while.
    More than anythign this is inspiring and a lesson for us all for keeping faith
    God bless