Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review

Clearblue Fertility Monitor ReviewCongratulations on landing on this Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review page.  In this page, we have the answer for your anxiety in getting pregnant at the earliest naturally – as early as this month!  As eager as you are in getting pregnant soon, we too are determined to give you a thorough overview of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.  By the time you finish reading this page in full, you will have a clear picture about this monitor – what it can and cannot do.

Have ever wondered whether any easy method exists to monitor your fertility?  Have ever asked yourself questions like ‘Is Clearblue fertility monitor good?, ‘Which fertility monitor is best?’, ‘What is the percentage of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor success rate?’, ‘Is fertility monitor worth it?’, etc.?  You will find straight answers to those questions right here on this page.  You will also have a chance to become a part of the Clearblue fertility monitor success stories.

In this unbiased Clearblue Fertility Monitor review, we present the facts and figures we came across during our in-depth study of the Fertility Monitor (Clearblue).

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What is Clearblue Fertility Monitor?


It is a well-known fact that having a baby dance (aka intercourse) at the exact right time of your menstrual cycle is the safest and the most natural way to get pregnant.  However, the problem for most people is knowing THE exact time.  What if you had always assumed you ovulate around days 14-16 and tried getting pregnant while you are actually ovulating on days 11-12? …. even if you have very regular cycles and can actually feel when you ovulate every month? Well, the apparently high-priced Clearblue Fertility Monitor comes to your aid in situations like that.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor (CBFM) allows couples to make the best use of their natural fertility by timing intercourse around the exact ovulation time. The majority of conceptions occur in a 6-day window around ovulation. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is a simple, effective way of identifying your most fertile days.  This helps you in maximizing your chances of conceiving a baby.

You really can’t know what is helping or not helping when trying to conceive.  However, there are a few things you can do to actually increase your odds. The most important one of all is timing. If your monthly egg can only be fertilized for 12-24 hours, you don’t want to miss that time window….

There are only a few days per cycle when a woman is fertile and can conceive.  The two most fertile days coincide with the LH surge (24-36 hours before ovulation) and the release of an egg (ovulation). These are a woman’s 2 best days to conceive a baby.  Sperm can survive up to 5 days in the sperm-supportive mucus found in a woman’s body during the fertile days of her cycle.  This means there is a fertile window of typically up to 6 days: 5 days before ovulation plus the day of ovulation.  Having sex on all of these days can lead to conception.

Many women don’t have a regular 28 day cycle, and therefore the days when pregnancy can occur will differ from cycle to cycle. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor goes a step further than traditional ovulation test kits by detecting two relevant hormones.  This helps in identifying the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle when ovulation takes place, and hence your high fertility days leading up to ovulation.

CBFM reliably indicates the days of your cycle when you are most likely to conceive.  Those are the days closest to when the egg is released from your ovary (ovulation).

CBFM is one of the most popular and much talked-about fertility testing devices.  It also happens to be the next best thing in maximizing your chances of getting pregnant in the most natural way.  It has been recommended by many Ob-Gyns around the world.

Who can benefit from Clearblue Fertility Monitor?


Anyone trying to conceive a baby can immensely benefit from CBFM.

Are you in the 40’s and think you have crossed the optimum age but still desire to have a baby?  This monitor can certainly give you the upper hand at achieving that.

Will it be useful if you are young?  Yes, too!  If you are in the 20’s and healthy, it is quite possible you can easily conceive without the use of this monitor. But, if you are one of those people who like to feel in control, then this monitor can definitely help you even if you are in the 20‘s.

This works for couples in the mid-late 30’s and even in the 40’s as good as for those in the 20’s – as long as you have not entered menopause.  Click here to read full information at Amazon.

Clearblue Fertility Monitor:  How it works

FertilityDisplayThe Clearblue Fertility Monitor tests for two hormones in your body – the Estrogen and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Typically, a woman will have a rise in estrogen before her LH surge. The fertility monitor is designed to check for a rise in estrogen, then for a rise in LH.   In order for the Monitor to identify peak fertility, it must detect a significant rise in your estrogen level.

When estrogen reaches a critical level it causes a rapid rise in the level of LH, referred to as the LH surge, which in turn causes the release of an egg from an ovary. This is ovulation and occurs approximately 24-36 hours after the LH surge.   The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge which occurs prior to ovulation.

The monitor is designed to be used with your first morning urine, as it will contain the highest concentration of hormones.

This natural, no-drugs, non-invasive method, uniquely detects both luteinizing hormone and estrogen hormone in your body.  It gives you a longer window in order to ensure there are enough sperms when the egg makes an appearance on the scene.

You basically do what you need to do on the day the monitor says you’re at your “Peak”. And you have the most awesome peace of mind for the rest of the cycle, knowing you did everything you could to help things along.

To use the monitor, simply bring the Clearblue Test Stick (sold separately) into contact with your first morning urine, within a 6-hour window of time.  You’ll have your digital results in minutes in clear and accurate terms: “Low,” “High” or “Peak” fertility.

The monitor is designed to display High fertility when a significant increase in estrogen is detected.  It shows Peak fertility when the LH surge is detected.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is really easy to use. It tells you when to test your urine, anywhere from 10 or 20 tests per cycle.  It depends on your cycle length and variability. The Fertility Monitor indicates your fertility level for the day: low, high, or peak. It then stores your information for a number of cycles, building a unique picture for you.

The monitor comes with a handy “M Button.” When you press the M Button you tell the monitor that your period has started and a new monthly cycle has begun. When you press the button you also establish the six hours each day during which you can do a test. This is called the “testing window.” The testing window should be set so that it is convenient for you to test the first morning urine of the day both on weekdays and the weekend. At the start of each new cycle you can either press your M Button at the same time as you did on your previous cycle.  If you wish, you can also change your testing window by setting the M Button at a different time. Your testing window must be convenient for you to test the first urine of each day.

By detecting a rise in estrogen, The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor can inform most women of an extra 1 – 5 days of High Fertility prior to their Peak Fertility days. This means that you know all the days on which having intercourse is most likely to lead to conception.

Recommended by doctors, the Clearblue is 99% accurate, non-invasive and FDA-approved.

How is Clearblue Fertility Monitor different from the conventional methods like Test Strips, Charting, BBT, etc?

Calendar Method

If you have been contemplating whether to use a device like ovulation predictor kit or fertility monitor, here are some points to consider:

Most home ovulation and fertility tests identify the 2 best days to get pregnant during a woman’s cycle by detecting the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) that triggers ovulation. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor not only shows these 2 Peak Fertility days, but also identifies additional fertile days when you can conceive.

Manual charting and calculator methods often fall short –  They require tracking a woman’s typical cycle length over several months – unreliable prediction as well as time-consuming.  On the other hand, CBFM helps you proceed precisely without months of charting.

Unlike the basal body temperature method, this monitor predicts ovulation before it happens. The BBT method can only tell you after ovulation have occurred, which may be too late to take advantage of all your fertile days.

The Clearblue fertility monitor sticks have a hormone threshold women have to meet to show positive. This monitor however, tracks a woman’s levels everyday and knows when she has had a surge based on her own cycle readings each day.

For some people, BBT has seemed too inconsistent to be helpful.

Traditional ovulation tests like Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test track the LH hormone and identify a 2 day window of fertility. But the Fertility Monitor also tracks estrogen levels, which rise just before the LH surge, extending the fertile window typically up to 6 days. This extended window can help to reduce the time it takes to conceive as it gives more days to try, plus gives advance notice of the 2 peak days.

Also, it is straight forward in the sense that you don’t have to deal with faint lines or trying to figure out whether you are in fact ovulating or not.

With Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK), you can actually miss the truly fertile days, so this monitor will give you a broader fertile period to try and conceive.

You do not have the user error factor faced in using OPK sticks!  And the CBFM doesn’t get tripped up (as the OPKs do) with an LH surge.

If you just use methods like the online ovulation calendars, you can easily miss your peak day.   Even months of using the ovulation calculator can lead you nowhere.

Shortfalls of using test strips alone:

It is quite possible that on the same day you get your peak with this monitor, ovulation tests are negative! That means this monitor is looking at more factors to give you a more accurate result than just store-bought ovulation tests.

Also, in the cheaper Ovulation Predictor Kits where you have to read the line and decide if it is equal to or darker than the control line, it is a fact that it could become really hard for you to read them!  On the other hand, this CBFM would take the human error out of reading the ovulation test sticks to determine the LH surge, therefore predicting the peak days of fertility.

Do not want to be bothered by an ovulation stick and trying to help you decide if it looks dark, or if you missed your LH surge!? Well, with this monitor, you can look at it and see exactly where you are in the cycle. When the little egg symbol popped up, you are ready to go!

Also, this monitor gives you more days of heads-up when your fertile days are approaching. It doesn’t just tell you the day or two when your LH is rising, but also several days before when your estrogen is increasing. No other system does this.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor can identify more fertile days each cycle, both High and Peak Fertility days. The Monitor also gives you personal information telling you when you need to test and when the end of your cycle is coming. It does this by monitoring estrogen and LH.

When the Clearblue Fertility Monitor detects a rise in estrogen, it displays High fertility status. High estrogen is associated with the appearance of fertile mucus, which is thin and slippery. Sperm can swim more easily through this mucus and can survive in it for several days. If you make love during this time, there may still be sperm present several days later, when you release an egg. Detection of the LH surge indicates that you are about to release an egg, and this is displayed as Peak Fertility. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor lets you know all the days on which making love is most likely to lead to conception.

The results are clear, easy-to-read and mostly accurate and reliable.  It accurately predicts ovulation when compared to serum hormone measurements and vaginal ultrasound scans.  Within a few minutes, it will tell you if you are not ovulating, or you hit the high peek to conceive.

This monitor lets you know as you’re leading up to ovulation, where you are with hormones.  Basically it goes from 1-3:  1 being not ovulating, 2 getting ready to ovulate, 3 ovulating. This gives you more of a warning than the opk sticks because it tests 2 hormones rather than just 1. It can give you a few extra days of notice before you ovulate.

Size of Clearblue Fertility Monitor

CBFM DimensionsThis monitor is quite comfortable to handle; you need not worry about handling a machine as big as your laptop in order to attain your dream of getting pregnant naturally or about it taking much space in your home.  You can use it discretely in your own privacy.

The actual dimensions are 1.9 x 1.9 x 7.6 inches and weighs just 3.2 ounces.  Shipping Weight is 8.8 ounces.

Pros of Clearblue Fertility Monitor

CBFM-ProsIn this Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Review, we consider all of its aspects: both the positives and the negatives.

Here are the Pros we have come across in our study:

** This hand-held monitor is fun to use, easy to use, very user friendly and can be set up as late as day 6 of your cycle.  It displays an egg icon when you are at your peak fertility time.

** Once you have read all instructions in the Clearblue fertility monitor user guide, it is very easy to use and also makes it a lot easier to monitor your cycles (vs. writing everything down).  It also counts the days of the cycle for you, tells you which days to test, interprets the tests, displays your fertility levels every day and develops a personalized understanding of your cycle.

** It takes the guess work out and shows you the ‘peak’ days in a plain and easy-to-understand manner.  It’s a great way to keep track of when you are most fertile.

** It takes stress out of the timing and gives you a sense of having more control over the thing.  This gives you a peace of mind because you never have to worry that you’re missing a cycle.  The insight it gives you about your own body and getting so much information about what is going on with your body is so comforting.

** When the batteries are inserted correctly and the Monitor has power, it will warn you if there is a problem by displaying the error symbol.

** It is small enough to be taken along on trips, uses batteries that are readily available at any store (4 AAA batteries), and the fertility monitor instruction manual is detailed and very easy to follow.  It will tell you what day of your cycle you are on and if you need to test your urine that day or not.   Each day you test, the monitor will show your fertility with bars.

** Your fertility data can be uploaded to your computer for easy charting.  It provides a printout of your monthly cycle information stored in your monitor without any additional cost.

** It maximizes a woman’s chances of conceiving a baby by identifying 3x more fertile days.

** It can pinpoint not only a woman’s 2 Peak fertility days, but also 1-5 additional High fertility days prior to ovulation (prior to their Peak fertility.) for a total of up to 6 fertile days.

** The testing can be done at home at your convenience and at a fraction of the cost of visiting a fertility specialist.

** This digital fertility monitor indicates when to test and the level of fertility every day, requiring no subjective interpretation.  It reads your test sticks and digitally interprets them for you.

** It stores your information for up to six previous menstrual cycles and about your personal hormone patterns and it personalizes itself.

** It is also suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles although is more suitable for women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days.

** Women who have had even several rounds of IUI without success has attained pregnancy with the help of this monitor.

** It gives advance notice of Peak fertility, so you can plan intercourse at your convenience.

** This is a terrific tool for helping you figure out and understand and learn about your cycle, especially if yours is very irregular or sometimes not even getting periods in a month at all….!

** This monitor works even if OPKs never show your LH surge.

** The money you spent on this monitor can be so much cheaper than IVF which could cost thousands.

** Since it takes away the anxiety and uncertainty while trying to conceive, it can be more than worth the money.

** The High and Peak days on the fertility monitor lets you know that you are indeed ovulating which means your hormones are normal. This gives you peace of mind if you have / had been on medication.

** You can put the stick in the monitor and go back to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you can turn it on and get the reading then, instead of waiting 3 minutes for the results at 4 a.m.

** It allows you to relax. You just sit back and do what it says. It keeps track of everything including the days of your cycle, and helps you feel in control of an uncontrollable situation.

** It gives you a much longer fertility window than just the regular test strips, since it also tells you of the estrogen surge (which occurs before the LH surge).

** If another family member wishes to use this monitor after your usage, it is quite easy to reset the readings by following the simple-to-use directions provided.

** If you purchase the monitor in between your cycles, and you are on day 5 of your period [anywhere from day 1-5 in your menses], the monitor will allow you to program day 5 and start from there; you need not wait until your next period to begin using the monitor… saving you one full month of time.

** You start testing when the machine tells you to, so you won’t be testing everyday and hence you will be saving money on the sticks.

** You need not try on the wrong days only to get vexed.  If, without this monitor, you figured on your own that you are ovulating around days 12-16 while you were actually ovulating on day 10, this monitor can help you in pinpointing that exact day.  That is so valuable when you’re trying really hard.

** This monitor can be effective even after taking birth control pills for even 10 long years!  (Though, in that case, it is advised to wait for a few months before trying to conceive, so that your body clears itself of any medications.)

** This monitor is useful for whom cervical mucus method seems too subjective.

** Depending on where you live, using this monitor can be a lot cheaper than even visiting the fertility doctor occasionally.

** No need to accurately interpret the LH strips and no need to be guessing. It takes the guess work out of it for you.

** You don’t have to sit and look at it waiting for a response.  You can go about getting ready for your day, come back and take the stick out and read your status.

** The six-hour window (three hours before and three hours after you hit the button) it gives you helps in a relaxed usage of the monitor even on a daily basis.  You need not rush to the bathroom everyday at the exact same time.

** You can make the monitor lose all the stored info and have it learn your cycle from scratch again.  This can be useful if you want to start ‘afresh’ or if you want to lend it to your sister-in-law.

** If you have a very demanding job and are not consistent with keeping up with charting etc, this is the ultimate tool to look into.

** You can easily get out of the emotional torture you put yourself through every month with the OPK test strips, the pregnancy tests, the scheduling, etc.

** Still effective while taking Clomid – even if you had been put on Clomid before with no luck.  While taking Clomid, the monitor can accurately show an increase in hormone levels up to the point of showing when you are ovulating – thus tracking even whether or not Clomid is doing its job!  Clearblue fertility monitor and clomid hence do not necessarily conflict with each other and can in fact complement each other.

** This monitor-method is more travel-friendly and discrete.

** Works absolutely well after having had one or more miscarriages.  Several people have used this electronic fertility monitor after miscarriage successfully to conceive babies.

** Although the manufacturers don’t recommend using this monitor by women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), because such condition can adversely affect the monitor’s performance, even people with PCOS have successfully used this monitor to conceive – even in the very first cycle itself….!

** You get great data from using this monitor. Even if you’re not getting pregnant overnight, this gives you the data that you can take to a fertility specialist and help them immediately understand your cycle. It is a huge help in diagnosing what might be up with hormones, ovulation timing, etc.

** For several people, this has worked within the first few tries (first, second or third cycle), this is really great news!

** You can even use this easy fertility monitor to prevent pregnancy if you are not prepared for it right now – and if you know what you are doing.  Since you can get to know your cycles exceptionally well using this monitor, you can plan your first (or consecutive) pregnancy to your heart’s content knowing that you are safe from any unwanted pregnancy.  (However, if you think of using this as a fertility monitor for birth control, please note that it is not a 100% fool-proof contraceptive because sperm can survive for several days.)

** Furthermore, it has its own advantages over the OPKs, as seen in a section above.

** One-year warranty and toll-free consumer helpline.

** Global shipping available:  Whether you want to use this fertility monitor from Clear Blue in a posh locality in America, Singapore, South Africa or Hong Kong or whether you want to use it in a small town in Ireland, Australia, Canada or India, it is available for shipping all over the world.  You just order it from the comfort of your home and receive it at your doorstep within the next few to several days.  All you need is a valid credit card.  (If you are in a part of the world where you only have access to a debit card but not a credit card, you can use a trusted site like for having your own virtual credit card usable online.)

** Free shipping:  It gets freely delivered to you at no additional costs.

Click here to read further at Amazon.

Cons of Clearblue Fertility Monitor

CBFM-ConsIn spite of the CBFM having so many advantages, it has several apparent weak points too.  However, do these seeming weak points apply to everyone who uses it?  We inspect each of them and provide our views on them point-wise below in this Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review (although we didn’t intend this section to be a ‘Clearblue fertility monitor questions and answers’ section) :

* It is expensive – not only the machine itself but also the monthly sticks:
Yes, this machine is definitely high-priced for an average individual, and this is probably the only major drawback of CBFM in our view.  Sure, paying the original prices for the monitor one-time and for the test strips every month, till you test positive for pregnancy, can definitely add to your budget.

However, at the time of this writing, you need not pay that much for the monitor because, right now, it is being sold at a great discounted rate of about 25% . Similarly, the monthly sticks are offered at a discounted rate of about 25%. All the links on this page will always display the most reasonable prices ever available (both for local and global shipping), so, please bookmark this page right now if you would like to save a few dollars every month – for the next few months till you get pregnant.

Please note that, the monthly costs will add up especially if you have irregular periods and have to use up to 20 sticks the first month, although the 30 sticks pack is supposed to last three months – unless you have a long cycle or a delayed one.

Also, as explained in the ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section, if unfortunately you have to use additional supporting products, it can add up to your one-time costs too.  Again, all the links on this page will always display the most reasonable prices ever available (both for local and global shipping), so, please bookmark this page right now.

The positive note here is, although the Clearblue fertility monitor and the Clearblue fertility monitor test sticks are a little expensive, there is a lot of value in the knowing how to approach this goal of getting pregnant and enabling it to happen quickly. Depending on where you live, It is mostly cheaper than having continual consultations with a fertility specialist – and undergoing all of the testing.  For some people, this monitor is worth its weight in gold…. while for the others, it is priceless the moment you hold your baby.

* The purchased new monitor doesn’t come with the sticks:
Yes… if you want to use the monitor, you have to buy the fertility monitor test sticks separately.  This is certainly another huge drawback with this monitor….  and is probably unreasonable for buyers.  Mmm… We cannot find any justification for this…. except that the manufacturing costs are probably very high with the technology involved.

Yes, the Clearblue fertility monitor complete kit is available if you do not want to order the monitor and test sticks separately, but there doesn’t seem to be any considerable discounts, and hence we suggest buying them individually together, instead of as a single kit, IF you want to save some dollars.  Still, varying prices are available for the kit (at about 15% discount at the time of this writing) from different sellers.

Also, we feel this fact should have been marked very clearly – rather than seeing a small white print on the box after you open it.   (Now, after reading this, you know it!)

* Does not work so well for people with cycles less than 21 days or greater than 42:
It may not work ‘so well’, but it works ‘moderately well’ enough so that you can get a clear picture of your body mechanism.  This has been discussed already in the ‘6.  Pros’ section.

* Takes several minutes to offer readings:
Yes, several minutes, but not several hours.  Even if it takes a few hours to get your results at the comfort of your home, don’t you think it is worth it?  Don’t worry, the machine will analyze and display your results in a few minutes time.

* There is trouble figuring out how to insert the stick to the monitor:
Please go through the Clearblue fertility monitor booklet and read all the Clearblue fertility monitor instructions coming along with your purchase, first before using it; make sure you insert it in all the way in until you hear a click.

* One cannot use test sticks from a different pack:
But why do you want to do that?  It is important that you always use your Test Sticks in sets of 10 from the same pack. This is because the current day’s test reading is compared with those of previous days and it is possible that there are slight sensitivity differences between batches of Test Sticks.  If you need to use more than 10 as per the monitor’s request, then you may use 10 Test Sticks from a different pack to complete your testing and all of the tests requested by the Monitor must be completed.

* The Monitor goes from Low to Peak Fertility without displaying High Fertility, as one would normally expect:
This may happen occasionally, for example when a rise in estrogen is detected on the same day as your LH surge or if the Monitor does not detect a change in your estrogen before your LH surge.  This can also happen if you miss a test, perform a test incorrectly, or if you have a very short cycle following longer cycles. (You should still have intercourse during this Peak Fertility time.)

* It seems harder for the monitor to identify Peaks for women with longer cycles:
The monitor is more suitable for women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days.  Women with longer cycles are more likely to have ovulatory issues.  The reason it doesn’t work if you’re cycle is more than 45 days is that around day 20 or so, it stops asking you to test.  Another reason this monitor isn’t the best for long cycles is that you have to start on day 1 of your period. If your period comes once every 2 months, you could be waiting a long time to even start testing and even longer to wait for the surge.

In this situation, we suggest you to also try the methods discussed in the ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section and you may probably end up having your surge a few days after it stopped asking for the tests.  Women with irregular or long cycles (between 35-42 days) may have to use 20 test sticks each cycle in order to detect their most fertile time (unlike the majority of women who need just 10 sticks in each cycle).  Sure, for people with irregular or unusually long or short cycles, the monitor can be more confusing to use, however, many women with longer cycles have used this monitor quite successfully to conceive their babies.

* It takes the monitor a few extra months to adjust to some people:
Yes, but we think it is better than not being able to adjust at all, and is worth to be patient for a reasonable time-frame before coming to a conclusion.  Fortunately or unfortunately, all bodies are not created equal!

* Certain medical conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, and certain medications can cause misleading results:
Yes, this monitor works very well for most types of people, and not so well for a small percentage that already has identified problems and is on medications.

* Clearblue fertility monitor does not help in gender selection.  I wanted to conceive boy / conceive girl:
Sure, a fertility monitor is generally not intended for gender selection, its purpose is entirely different.  It does only one job and does it well.

* The monitor displays Low Fertility during all of a cycle:
This happens when you may not have ovulated during the cycle or it may be due to a missed test, or a test being performed incorrectly.  As already discussed, combining with other methods like OPK can definitely help you in this regard.  If your fertility status stays Low over a number of cycles, you need to consult your doctor.

* Sometimes it shows only Highs but no Peaks, missing one’s ovulation period, yet people get pregnant that month:
Clearblue fertility monitor not showing peak is a commonly reported problem from several people.  If you wonder why your fertility monitor does not show peak, there may be several reasons.  For example, if your LH surge is particularly short and/or occurs outside of the fertility monitor’s set testing window, it is entirely possible that the monitor might altogether miss the signal that you’re about to ovulate.  An unusually short or long cycle may result in the Peak fertility not being detected.  This leads you to think that you have not ovulated at all or that something is wrong with the monitor and that you may have missed your chance that month to conceive.  This can also happen during a heterotopic pregnancy / when you had released two eggs maybe a day or so apart.  It is also possible a test may have been missed or performed incorrectly or you may not have ovulated this cycle.

Still, as you get used to the monitor, you will be able to pinpoint that you are ovulating later on in your cycle.  Do not get discouraged if you don’t get a peak reading.  In this situation, it is useful to combine with other tests as described in the ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section and not to worry why the fertility monitor keeps saying High fertility.

It is suggested to have intercourse every alternate day during the High days and on all the Peak days so that you increase your chance of getting pregnant not only during the Peak period but also during the High days.  If you do not see Peak fertility over a number of cycles, you may want to consult your doctor.

* It’s not easy to get data off the fertility monitor device onto a computer:
While it is generally easy for several people, depending on your electronic/computer skills, it may be difficult for you in this regard, although the Clearblue fertility monitor instructions are pretty clear.  If so, you can always contact the Clearblue fertility monitor Customer Service not only for this, but also to clarify any other questions too, and in such cases, you can get the help of a tech-savvy friend.

* I failed in using Clearblue fertility monitor as birth control, although it should supposedly work:
Theoretically, although one can use Clearblue fertility monitor for birth control, it is not 100% effective in practice. Please refer to the ‘6.  Pros’ section above for clarification.  The monitor does only one job and does it well.

* It operates only with batteries, not through a plug-in socket:
This is convenient for some people while inconvenient for others.  You have 4 weeks to replace the batteries when the monitor displays the battery symbol, while they begin to wear out.  Also, if you need to change the batteries you must do it during the testing window.

* Sometime OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) perform better than this monitor:
This happens for some people for several reasons.  Please refer to the ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section below.

* Even after trying for a few months, there is no result with this not-so-cheap fertility monitor (does it work?):
This happens for some people for several reasons.  Please refer to the ‘9.  Will it work for me’ section below.

* It is tedious to test 10 times during each cycle:
May be for some people.  But, anything worthwhile takes some efforts.  However, it is less tedious than visiting the fertility specialist and taking tests in the clinic every time.

* It doesn’t really test for hormones.  It seems to keep reading High till it catches the FSH spike.  If it misses it, it never stops reading high. It doesn’t cycle up and down from high to low the way it should and the estrogen is rising and falling:
The machine is designed in such way, but, since it works so well for most people, there is nothing to complain, in our opinion.  However, this is also the situation where an additional test like OPK is necessary for some people.

* The 30 sticks pack does not last till the stipulated period:
The 30 sticks pack is supposed to last three months, unless you have a long cycle or a delayed one.  However, unless you are on a textbook-regular cycle, one box does not always equal three months of testing, especially when you first start and the monitor is ‘learning’ your cycle.  It is better to purchase a box in advance if you have irregular cycles.

* This isn’t good for business travel:
Yes, if you have to travel far away during your cycle, your new window might end up being at 4pm at your new location and make accurate testing impossible.  Depending on how many times you fly per year into another time zone, this monitor may not be as convenient as you may expect it to be.  But similar inconveniences exist in other methods too in a time zone change.

* Using this monitor is a commitment as you must use it every day during a specific window:
Yes, you have to wake up every morning and test your first morning urine, preferably almost at the same time, which isn’t always easy.  But, don’t you think some commitment is required if you really need to conceive but failed trying in other methods?  It may be inappropriate to call it even a commitment; rather, it is a temporary change in life-style.  It is a small price to pay for being able to get pregnant naturally rather than having to go through despair.

* It cannot be stored conveniently in the bathroom:
Yes, so is your cell phone or laptop.  Simply, do not store your monitor or your test sticks in the bathroom.  The moisture from a steamy shower day after day as well as the humidity of the bathroom can damage it and show improper readings.  Better store your monitor and your test sticks in a dry place outside the bathroom at room temperature.  Perhaps the dresser drawer is more suitable. It may not be all that convenient but the end result is worth it.

* The monitor doesn’t automatically know when your next period starts:
Yes, it is just a machine, and you have to tell it every month when day 1 of your cycle is (day 1 is, of course, the first day of your period).

* The instruction manual is somewhat overwhelming:
May be for some people.  Anyhow, please read it at least once fully before trying to use the monitor.  It has a lot of required troubleshooting info… if you get an error on the screen what to do etc.

* It puts stresses on couples…. performance anxiety…. ‘Tonight’s the peak night’ etc.:
It is not the fault of the monitor!  Be as relaxed as you can and try baby-dancing not only on the Peak days but also every other High days.

* You may not be able to use it immediately on purchase, because you may be too far along in your cycle:
Just wait for the right time…. for your next cycle.

* The results may be initially inaccurate with a borrowed monitor:
If you borrowed a used fertility monitor from your cousin-sister, you may find that you are using plenty of sticks for it to get used to you and figure out when you ovulate.  Wait for some time before it adjusts to your body; but of course, be sure to  let the batteries die or take them out, the monitor will lose all stored info and will have to learn your cycle from scratch again.  Or if you don’t want to take a chance, buy a new one – it may be so cheap as to aid you in avoiding unnecessary frustrations.

* No ability to scroll back and forth to review previous month’s data:
This is not necessary in our opinion, because the machine clearly directs you what to do and when.  Still, for easy charting, you can upload fertility data to your computer.  It also provides a printout of your monthly cycle information stored in your monitor with no additional cost.

* My monitor did not work at all:
Just as any other electronic product, in very rare circumstances, it is possible the monitor and/or test sticks you buy have minor or even major defects.  If anyone is selling this monitor with 20 test strips, the product is well over a year old, and the test sticks are either close to or past their expiration date.  As there are many third party sellers on Amazon, please inspect the monitor well before you use it.  In such a case, remember that the return-policy of Amazon is very simple.  Also, do call the company and make a complaint.  They are very helpful regarding this.  If you don’t get 3 bars the first 1 or 2 months don’t assume a problem in you. Get a different test and use both the next month to see if one works before you see a doctor.

* It sometimes gives inaccurate readings:
This mostly happens due to improper handling of the machine.  Did you test every day or forgot to test one day in the middle? Did you perform your test within the proper window of the day?  Are your cycles irregular? Follow the directions clearly, they are very specific!  If you are absolutely sure you have done everything correctly, the Clearblue fertility monitor helpline is always a phone call / email away.

* It stops working after a while:
While some people report so, we find that it has worked in good condition for most other people for many years – helping conceive successive babies.  Again, the customer service is at your service.

* For some people, it is difficult to hold the stick in the right position and for the right duration:
While most people are comfortable with the operation, we understand that not all are in the same situation, and if you are one, the stick can alternatively be dipped into the collected urine.

* Customer service is bad:
We contacted the company at 1-800-321-3279 (available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm Eastern time) to verify if their service was indeed bad.  We received well-detailed answers to our query, and hence we didn’t find any evidence to backup that claim.  However, we also understand that not all people in the customer service respond the same way.  You can try at a different time if you are in such a situation.  Although the manual supplied along with the monitor is quite self-explanatory in our opinion, you can also send the Clearblue fertility monitor Customer Service an email at [at] and clarify your doubts.

* It does not give you an option if you feel you need to test on a different set of days:
Yes, but the machine is designed that way and works well for most people.  Please see ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section for further information.

* No data slot or a USB port in the monitor:
This may be unnecessary for most people, however, please note that there is no charge for the Clearblue fertility monitor data card reading service. It provides a printout of your monthly cycle information which is stored in your monitor, and there is absolutely no cost to you. Typically it is recommended that you wait until you’ve completed six cycles of use with the monitor before requesting a download.

* There is no 1-5 day warning of peak times in advance:
The machine is designed in such way; however, if you really need such warnings, you will be able to figure it out on your own within a few cycles of time.

* If it misses the LH surge, it just shows High as a default the rest of the month, and it doesn’t matter if you’re testing urine or water.  Once the monitor says High, it will stay there until it sees a Peak, no matter what – so not sure it’s truly “reading” the results:
It is useful to combine with other tests as described in the ‘8.  Supplemental Products’ section if this situation arises in your case.  You can use the provided card to download/analyze the data in your machine.  Just talk to / email the customer service and they will guide you in this regard.

* Not testing consistently (every month) with this monitor seems to throw it off:
Yes, this works best for those who are consistent in their efforts.  But you bought this high-priced machine to really use it until you conceive, right?  Still, if you are unable to use it during your course, for example due to illness etc., you can contact the Customer Service (by phone or email) and they will guide you, including on methods like resetting the monitor, if necessary.

* It does not improve one’s odds of conceiving:
Sure, this product can only help you identify your fertile days so that you are ready with your partner – that is its only job!  Actually getting pregnant can depend on various other factors too.  Please read ‘9.  Will it work for me’ section for further hints on this aspect.

* You have to test on its request, not when you want to test…. Only good for people on a normal schedule but not for people who want to test 2x a day when it’s close or people who don’t wake up at the same time everyday:
Again…. the machine is designed that way.  If your sleeping pattern changes temporarily during your testing period, you can collect a sample of your first urine of the day when you wake up. Store it at room temperature and check your monitor during your next possible testing window. If it requests a test, use the collected urine.

* One must rely totally on the fertility monitor accuracy, whereas with the OPKs, you can read and compare them yourself:
Yes, this can either be an advantage or a disadvantage as you perceive it….. but the machine is designed such way.

* It shows that people are ovulating while reproductive specialists ‘discovered’ that they cannot ovulate naturally:
Hey, this point should have been in the ‘6.  Pros’ section above!  The data you can get from this monitor in such situation can be extremely valuable in diagnosing and pinpointing your problems further.

Are Supplemental Products required for using Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

Clearblue Digital Ovulation TestThe Clearblue Fertility Monitor together with its Test Sticks, is fully functional and a complete product in itself for most people.

However, a small percentage of people find it difficult to conceive on their own using this monitor alone.  For them, we suggest using the following independent products that are comparatively low-cost, that go well along with this monitor.  :

Clearblue Digital Ovulation tests (or) Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition (or) The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant [Kindle Edition]

We suggest you to try using only the monitor initially, as long as you are confident that you don’t have other fertility-related issues.  If you feel you do have some issues, or if you do not conceive after the proper usage of only this monitor for a reasonable period, we suggest you to try the above additional products TOGETHER WITH the monitor, before consulting a fertility specialist.

In such cases, it is better to test twice a day using the OPKs – with this monitor first thing in the morning as directed and the Clearblue Digital Ovulation tests in the afternoon.

Whether or not you suspect some problem, using the above accessories together with CBFM, however, can only increase your chances of getting pregnant quite sooner than later.  Be sure to read the ’13. Amazing Discounts’ section below for some great discounts.

Will Clearblue Fertility Monitor work for me?


Yes and No!  Confused?  Read below!

While this monitor has helped thousands of women conceive even on their very first cycle, first of all, it’s important to have realistic expectations regarding this monitor. This unit allows you to discover the perfect time to have sex so that you conceive.  However, for that to happen, you need to be ovulating first!

This monitor is easy to use if you read the directions.  It is important to read ALL the directions accompanying the monitor before you use it.  It will work for most people who have no issues with fertility, just bad timing.

It’s most suitable for women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days. The majority of women will need 10 sticks in each cycle, and women with irregular or long cycles (between 35-42 days) may have to use 20 test sticks each cycle in order to detect their most fertile time.   While it is a great tool to learn about your cycle, it’s not a magic lantern, however.

If you have been on any medication, it is desirable to wait until you’ve had at least two natural, consecutive cycles between 21 and 42 days before using CBFM.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can cause misleading results and hence this monitor is not advised for such people; that said, the Clearblue fertility monitor and PCOS have gone well hand-in-hand for several people who have successfully used CBFM to aid in getting pregnant naturally!

Be realistic…not everybody gets pregnant right away. So when you purchase this, don’t get overly excited that you are going to get pregnant within one to two months.

Just using CBFM and learning your cycles does not guarantee that you’ll get pregnant. There are far more factors than ovulation timing. Still, it’s helpful but keep your expectations in check.

It’s not a magic wand, even if you get the numbers right.  It is a great tool to use (along with other methods-if necessary), but don’t take the results too literally.

Even if you don’t get pregnant (after following the methods in the ‘8.  Accessories’ section above) the data CBFM generates could be really helpful to a fertility specialist…especially for comparing Clomid cycles to non-clomid cycles.  If you find yourself you are in the unfortunate small percentage of people for whom this monitor doesn’t work as expected, still, if you track your cycles with the monitor, it can give you very important information which can be passed along to your doctor should you continue to have problems (can alert to problems such as short luteal cycles or no ovulation happening).

Since this monitor takes all the guessing out of the game for you, patience is a virtue here.  If you want instant gratification, well, there is no magic pill, device or method to ensure that happens.

If you have been medically diagnosed with fertility problems, it is better to consult your doctor before using this monitor.

If you have been using medicinal contraception, you need to wait until you have at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row, before using CBFM.

While the chances of becoming pregnant using this monitor increase significantly, please note that it will not get you pregnant unless you put the actual effort into having sex on the days it’s recommending – the High and Peak fertility days!

While this is not a miracle fertility tool, it’s a perfect starting point.  It is quite sensitive and you need to follow the directions exactly in order to get true results.

Also, if you don’t get a Peak reading for a few cycles continuously, don’t lose hope, there is still chance you will get a Peak soon.  Of course, please combine this with other OPK tests, in such cases.  It is important that you are patient and relaxed at this time.

Finally, you need to remember that you are using a man-made machine to gauge a state of your body.  As with any machine, it has its own limitations. Even the sticks are prone to defects – although both go through numerous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Use it as a guideline and not as the gospel. Use it to indicate your fertile days but don’t stop there. Don’t just try on the fertile days.  Using the monitor along with the complementary products outlined in the ‘8.  Accessories’ section, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a couple of methods working.

Conception is a complex biological process and there are many influencing factors.  It is important to remember that generally it can take many months to become pregnant. There could be many reasons why you haven’t conceived yet, even if you’ve had intercourse during your most fertile time. If conception has not been achieved after 6 consecutive cycles or you have other concerns, you should consult your doctor.

Also, you need to remember that some months you Peak and some you don’t and that is just a normal thing…happens sometimes.

Clearblue Fertility Monitor Price

As already discussed above in the ‘7.  Cons’ section above, the price is definitely a little on the higher side.  However, being one of the simplest-to-use and effective fertility monitor brands out there, the cost of CBFM is justified in the view of many people.

It is also worth noting that this monitor’s cost has been reduced over the past several years.

The cost of this product distributed by well-known brand Procter & Gamble and protected by several U.S. Patent Nos. is probably justified because of the complexity of the technology involved.  It is up to the consumer – you – to decide whether the price suits you, depending of course on how soon you want to conceive right now.

Several sellers offer CBFM at Amazon at different prices here.  It is important to choose your seller wisely so that you may avoid returns at a later stage, although you are generally covered by the Product Return Policy of Amazon.

Summary of our Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review

BabyAs you have seen above, there are one or two valid negatives on using the CBFM, but also, there are plenty of positives.  We believe we have covered almost everything there is regarding the monitor.  It is up to you to decide the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa and whether purchasing the CBFM now will aid in your goal of having a baby at the earliest.

Still, since a Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review cannot be complete without the author’s conclusive points, we express our own views below.

Miscarriages and trying to conceive are so heartbreaking for so many people; this monitor puts you back in the driver’s seat.  It does a great job for most women if you give it a chance.

This best fertility monitor just takes the stress out of the guessing game and helps your mind and body relax which could also be a reason why you get pregnant right after you get the item!  Stressing over ovulation days and when it will happen can make you crazy.  So if you want peace of mind, have the monitor tell you instead of guessing.

Yes, it seems a little pricey, but compared to having to possibly spend thousands on infertility treatments later, it is a steal.  Getting this monitor would be worth it in the short run if not in the long run.  Although it is totally worth the full price – for achieving the goal in hand – you are not going to pay anywhere near that amount. At the time of this writing, the monitor was available at a good discount rate of about 25% and with free shipping. Check out the low price today right now, and grab the discounted price still available.

We would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to conceive, and we would also recommend using a family member or friend’s monitor, if available, to save some money!  If not available, just purchase this right now and you can gift this to them afterwards.  The monitor has been designed to be used again after properly resetting it.  However, we do not recommend buying a used one from anyone other than your family member or friend (who you know are free of any infectious disease).  This is because once the monitor has been used, it is contaminated with one’s urine that may contain an infectious disease. There are no reliable methods to clean or remove infectious disease-causing germs from the monitor.

Well, if you don’t get pregnant even after trying with this little gem together with those at ‘8.  Accessories’ section, then, you can safely conclude that some other problem exists with your or your husband’s body and it is time to consult an expert – knowing that the machine, on the other hand, has done its job fairly well.

If the current price is too expensive – and getting pregnant is not so a top priority right now – for you, we suggest you do not try this machine now and go with some inexpensive methods like the measuring basal body temperature, charting, cheap fertility strips, etc.  On the other hand, if you feel the current price is affordable for having a chance to have some peace of mind, we recommend you get this monitor today.  It all depends on how soon you want to conceive.

We do not see any major drawbacks with this monitor other than its price.  (Please read the entire article at least once before coming to your own conclusion.)

Along with live support you have a longer period of warranty on the device and also free shipping at the time of this writing.

Even if you find yourself in the unfortunate low percentage of people for whom this monitor does not work as expected, it could possibly work for someone else in your family and you can pass it along to them.  Depending on where you live, this may be cheaper than having continual consultations with a fertility specialist in the long run – or even in the short run for that matter – for the entire family.

And did we mention it makes a perfect marriage gift for a newly-wed couple who would try to conceive soon?

While there is no guarantee you will get pregnant using this product, we would highly recommend the investment if you have been trying for several months with no luck. It will help you narrow down your most fertile days and when you ovulate. It takes a lot of the guessing and stress out of trying to figure out when to ‘try’. And anyone trying to get pregnant knows, we need as little stress in our lives as possible!

Finally, we are happy to recommend you one of the gems out there:  We don’t say CBFM will work for you – because, certain criteria must be met in order for the monitor to display peak fertility and we do not know about your body – but we do say, it has worked for a large number of people – even for those with PCOS and for those who have undergone several rounds of IUI.  Can you ever go wrong by choosing to buy this monitor?  No way – as long as you are willing to follow the simple instructions that come along, and you have not been medically diagnosed with other defects in your body. Period.

While CBFM works for most people, there is a very few percentage of those for whom the monitor doesn’t seem to work so well – for whatever reason.  For them, we suggest using the monitor along with a few supplementary products as explained in the ‘8.  Accessories’ section above…. so that you do not rely on the results of CBFM alone.

Thanks for reading this Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review in full, and we wish you the very best in achieving your goal of having a baby soon.

Where to buy Clearblue Fertility Monitor Cheap

Different sellers sell this monitor and the sticks at different prices seeking to provide you with apparently the cheapest Clearblue fertility monitor.  So it is important to choose your seller correctly if you want to save some amount in this apparent expensive monitor.  Amazon, the online retail giant, offers usually the lowest reasonable price, and at the time of this writing, Amazon offers the lowest price with about 25% discount too.  Further, all purchases from Amazon are protected by their Return Policy and add to that, they offer Free Shipping for CBFM.  Check out today’s discounted price at Amazon now:  Clearblue Fertility Monitor Buy Online HERE.

Avail Amazing Discounts up to 99%

Clicking any link on this page will take you to the current discounted price in effect for the products discussed, which is the same as using a Clearblue fertility monitor coupon for the purchase. But, by using the search-form below, you can buy several products that are sold with discounts up to a whopping 99%.  This is equivalent to using several fertility monitor coupons!

Hints on searching:

1. Choose ‘Health & Personal Care’ in Step 1 below to display the best results for fertility-related products.

2. The higher the percentage of discount you choose, the lesser the number of products available.  (Still, try all choices!)

3. Sorting by ‘Avg. Customer Review‘ at the top right of the Results page displays the best of best products.

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Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Fertility Monitor


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Easy to use

9.8 /10

Sometimes Requires Supplements

9.0 /10

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7.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Plenty. Please refer to '6. Pros' section above


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